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Fresh Produce Quality Control

Inspect your fresh produce up to x2 faster, effectively detect quality issues, and start collecting quality data suitable for analytics and AI.

Uncover the Stellar Features of the Agrinorm Solution:

Efficiently inspect produce along the supply chain

Conduct inspections at all stages of your operations
Agrinorm supports all types of inspections: intake, stock, dispatch, pre- and post-harvest, transport,shelf-life, and more.
Empower your inspectors
Guide inspectors with colour coding, automatic protocol suggestion, mandatory fields, smart fields, help text, or automatic scoring.
Optimize your workflows
Split container and fruits inspections between two persons, or have several inspectors working on different batches in parallel.
Save time with linked inspections
Start from the previous inspection! For example, instead of conducting a full stock check, update your intake inspection.

Easily get started with templates and wiki

EU specifications
Start with ready-to-use EU-compliant inspection protocols, created for you by the industry experts.
Visual quality wiki
Speed up inspector onboarding with pictures of defects and instructions available right in the course of inspection.

Control quality with only one device

Mobile QC-Kit: all tools in your hand
Inspection protocol, barcode scanner, camera, and communication - all available on your smartphone or tablet.
Upload pictures and attachments
All relevant Information is in one place, linked to the inspection unit.
Work offline and online
No internet at the inspection location? No problem. Sync data later for seamless inspections anywhere, anytime.

Stand out with highly visual quality reports

Interactive reports with all information at your fingertips
Create dynamic, informative, and visually appealing reports that support prompt decision-making.
Tailored reports for your suppliers and customers
Decide centrally what inspection results should be included in reports shared with suppliers. Define the exact content of customer reports case-by-case.
Quality evolution reports
Share with your suppliers insights into how the quality of their products evolved over time.

Share reports directly from Agrinorm

Share reports with one click
Efficient and convenient sharing of inspection results in real-time directly from the Agrinorm platform.
Use the in-built database of contacts
Create and manage contact groups, for example, per product.
Keep track of the communication history per each report
Еnsurе transparency and accountability with easy tracking of all communication related to a quality report.

Find all quality information in one place

Reports instantly available online
Keep everyone on the same page with instant access to quality reports online for your team and suppliers.
Batch quality history in one place
See all quality reports for a batch (intake, stock, transformations, dispatch) on a timeline and add information about rejections and claims.
Easily find relevant reports
Search for quality reports by ID. Sort or filter quality reports by products, locations, quality scores, inspection dates, and more.

Guide inspectors with todos

Make sure no inspections are missed
Form inspection todo cards based on shipments, arrivals, batches, or other inspection units.
Create todos in multiple ways
Create inspection todos manually in Agrinorm, upload data in Excel or connect Agrinorm to your ERP.

Handle product transformations

Claim or reject partially
Split batch easily right in the course of inspection in case of non-homogenous quality.
Reflect your way of working
Track batch transformations such as ripening, sorting, or packing in Agrinorm, associate batches with purchase or sales orders, or register claims.
Capture waste amount at every stage
Efficiently monitor the amount of waste and trace it back to a supplier.

Control sharing of reports with approval workflow

4 or 6 eyes control principle
Add an additional layer of quality control if required and reduce the risk of errors.
Centralized user role management
Manage user roles and rights centrally in Agrinorm.
Never miss a relevant report again
Receive notifications about new quality reports relevant to you.

Foster collaboration

Use remarks, actions and comments
Capture information in the course of inspection relevant for internal use, for example how the product should be sorted.
Decide what information to share externally
Manage centrally what information is included in the quality reports shared externally.

Create and manage specifications centrally

Define how quality should be controlled
User-friendly and centralized specification management through the user interface. No IT engagement or special knowledge required.
Easily manage multiple types of specifications
Define inspection protocols based on products, article properties (packed or bulk), inspection types (intake, stock, dispatch, shelf-life, post-harvest, transport), or partner (customer).
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You are in a good company

Arno Renne
Head of QC
"We use Agrinorm to inform our suppliers and our own organisation quickly and clearly about the incoming quality. Our QC team loves the easy way of working with the Agrinorm app and it saves us a lot of time."
Ben Michielsen
Quality Manager
"Agrinorm has successfully created a future proof program for quality monitoring & evaluation for the entire value chain. We can recommend Agrinorm to all companies in our business who are looking for a knowledgeable partner with a passion for fresh."
Andreas Allenspach
Chief Operating Officer
"Agrinorm is a must-have management tool for quality-focused fresh produce suppliers! I am convinced, Agrinorm will revolutionize the future of quality management."
Cesar Cortes
Fruit Controller
"Agrinorm allows us to record quality processes, which helps us in decision making. Quick team response and customizability are its strong points."
Miguel Luzquinos
Commercial Executive
"Let's find a way to encourage all our valued customers to send their reports using Agrinorm instead of Excel."