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Arno Renne
Head of QC
"We use Agrinorm to inform our suppliers and our own organisation quickly and clearly about the incoming quality. Our QC team loves the easy way of working with the Agrinorm app and it saves us a lot of time."
Ben Michielsen
Quality Manager
"Agrinorm has successfully created a future proof program for quality monitoring & evaluation for the entire value chain. We can recommend Agrinorm to all companies in our business who are looking for a knowledgeable partner with a passion for fresh."
Andreas Allenspach
Chief Operating Officer
"Agrinorm is a must-have management tool for quality-focused fresh produce suppliers! I am convinced, Agrinorm will revolutionize the future of quality management."
Cesar Cortes
Fruit Controller
"Agrinorm allows us to record quality processes, which helps us in decision making. Quick team response and customizability are its strong points."
Miguel Luzquinos
Commercial Executive
"Let's find a way to encourage all our valued customers to send their reports using Agrinorm instead of Excel."
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