Agrinorm Insights
Real-Time Management Dashboards

Simplify Supply Chain and Quality Analysis of Fruits and Vegetables

Analyse your quality and claims in seconds, not weeks. Connect quality and claims data for root cause analysis. Provide feedback to help your suppliers learn and improve.

Quality dashboards with no external help required

Self-Service Dashboards
Effortlessly create quality dashboards without IT involvement or special knowledge.
Slice and dice your data with intuitive visualization features
Customize your analysis with flexible timelines, filters, and comparison options. Filter quality attributes relevant to your business: products, varieties, origins, suppliers, and more.
Easily share your dashboards with colleagues and partners
Share your dashboards with your colleagues, suppliers or customers to keep everyone on the same page

Stay in control with real-time data

View quality evaluations in real time
Your quality data is automatically available for visualization and analysis already in a few minutes after inspection.
Use and customize quality metrics and rankings tailored for fresh produce
Rank your suppliers, products or origins by performance and volume. Follow the dynamic of quality performance over time.

All data in one place to connect quality and claims

Bridge the gap between QC results and claims
Seamlessly connect quality inspections and claims/rejections information on a batch level.
Upload your historical quality data
Agrinorm can help you to transform years of gathered data into actionable analytics.
Integrate information from data loggers
Import the data from data loggers and see the impact of transport conditions on the quality of produce (coming soon).

Conduct root cause analysis to spot sources of issue

Unleash automated evaluation
Let Agrinorm automatically evaluate possible sources of quality issues and claims.
Compare and benchmark
Use Agrinorm compare and filtering functionality to reveal sources of issues.

Help your suppliers improve with seasonal feedback

Supplier performance evaluation
Help suppliers improve by sharing defect-level analytics and comparing their performance to other suppliers.
Always up-to-date shareable reports
Let Agrinorm evaluate suppliers' performance and keep reports up-to-date. Share suppliers' evaluations directly from the Agrinorm platform (coming soon).
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You are in a good company

Arno Renne
Head of QC
"We use Agrinorm to inform our suppliers and our own organisation quickly and clearly about the incoming quality. Our QC team loves the easy way of working with the Agrinorm app and it saves us a lot of time."
Ben Michielsen
Quality Manager
"Agrinorm has successfully created a future proof program for quality monitoring & evaluation for the entire value chain. We can recommend Agrinorm to all companies in our business who are looking for a knowledgeable partner with a passion for fresh."
Andreas Allenspach
Chief Operating Officer
"Agrinorm is a must-have management tool for quality-focused fresh produce suppliers! I am convinced, Agrinorm will revolutionize the future of quality management."
Cesar Cortes
Fruit Controller
"Agrinorm allows us to record quality processes, which helps us in decision making. Quick team response and customizability are its strong points."
Miguel Luzquinos
Commercial Executive
"Let's find a way to encourage all our valued customers to send their reports using Agrinorm instead of Excel."