The world is ripe for better quality management in fresh

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Agrinorm helps fresh produce suppliers exceed customer expectations while reducing claims and waste.

Agrinorm Quality Management Platform

No more scattered quality information over pdfs, email and text messages in different channels. Agrinorm lets you manage and communicate quality information within your organization as well as with your suppliers and customers, all in the same place! 


Running a business in fresh leaves you constantly evaluating risks. Agrinorm's platform supports you in making informed, data driven decisions on a daily basis. Track important metrics of profit drivers, learn from your past decisions and use our unique predictions of quality evolution and customer claims to optimize for your business success. 

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Capture and communicate quality

Efficiently collect and safely exchange quality related information with Agrinorm quality control app.


Easily integrate  data sources

Gather inspection results from your existing software, customer reports and/or ERP relevant information, all in one system, with no deployment requirements.

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Unlock the potential of data 

Consult our platform to make smart commercial decisions such as sourcing, product allocation, claim prevention or storage and manipulation.

Stop losing money in claims and waste!


Consumer expectations in terms of  taste, freshness, and availability of fruit and veg are rising. Yet delivering quality in the times of pandemics, globalized supply chains, and changing weather patterns in the production regions is more challenging than ever before. Suppliers worldwide lose billions in product rejections, price renegotiations, and food waste. At the same time the consumers are left with sub-optimal products at a high price.

The world is ripe for better quality management in fresh.



Agrinorm is a Swiss based deep tech company leveraging cutting edge machine learning techniques for the optimization of fruit and veg supply chains. We develop  technology that enables our customers to excel in quality of fresh produce and achieve price leadership while reducing environmental impact.

Executive Team

We are working towards efficient, fair, 0-waste value chains that supply tasty, nutritious, sustainably produced fruits and vegetables to consumers.


Daria Reisch 



Daria holds a MSc degree in Business Development from Lucerne University and brings along 10+ years of experience in the agri-sector. Daria worked on topics related to sustainability of agricultural value chains and developed passion for fresh fruits’ quality optimisation during her hands-on experience with growers and exporters of fresh berries. 


Nicolas Cepeda



Nicolas holds a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Zurich. He is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and passionate coder. Nicolas taught himself to program when he was 11 years old. As a teenager he attended the Olympiad in Informatics for his homeland Argentina as well as for Switzerland.


Dr. Sharon Wulff



Sharon holds a PhD in Machine learning from ETH Zürich and has over 10 years of practical experience implementing cutting edge ML products both in start-ups and big companies. Sharon is passionate about driving commercial ML applications that generate true value for business.